The Cuban word "Manana" means heart, feelings, emotions. The Spanish word "Mañana" means tomorrow or sometimes in the future. This site is all about exploring feelings and emotions and the name originates from the Rumba, as you can read in the box on the lefthand side.

This site will bring you right into the heart of Genoa, the largest historical center of Europe and fill you with new emotions for a town all open to be explored.

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All these pages are aimed at transmitting emotions and more pages will fill the site over the coming months. The Project of Manana is a never ending process for a better future full of pleasant emotions.

The symbol of these pages are the 3M's or 3W's, which stand for the initials of the 3 members of our family and form an almost perfect triangle, when put together.

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Markus Wiedemeier

here a quote from Embacubalebanon

With Sentimiento Manana (Manana Feeling)

The Rumba has a bed of legends where myths lie that come from everywhere and long ago, confusing anecdotes that no one knows who told them first, but which all repeat with pride of novelty. Just like its drums and attributes, these fables preserve the treasure of knowledge and have earned, by their own right, a space within the spiritual heritage that makes up the Cuban nationality.

Famous names are linked to those legends: Manana, Malanga, Chino Guaguao or Antón Pirulero. They were all real-life characters, people who existed in different periods but who for different reasons remained wrapped in an enchantment that made them half reality, half fantasy. The story of Manana is one of them. Some say Manana was a woman, the majority say a man, but all agree in one point: he danced the rumba with such special feeling that only to recall it transmits the strength of an unforgettable performance.

The anecdotes created myths and also a code of expression. Certain popular phrases carry a whole load of feelings and energies that summarize the view of a social group, expressed through them in the language of a nation. It was in that way that the saying: "With Manana feeling" was perpetuated. That phrase has accompanied many rumberos. It is in their inspirations, in the way in which they speak as well as in their stories; it has been inlaid not only in the language, but also in the skin of the Rumba.